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Whatever the cause may be, whether you lost your job, going through divorce, or a death in the family, most of us fall behind mortgages due to these reasons and a pending foreclosure may catch up in the worst of times.

We’re Not A Wholesaler Or Real Estate Agency

We not only work for you but with you when it comes to dealing with a possible foreclosure. In close collaboration with a team of attorneys, banks, community organizations, and other vested private companies, we serve as advocates for families and homeowners in need.

What makes us stand out from the others is that our goal isn’t making a profit off from your current predicament but to provide solutions to remedy your situation. While we help you get your mortgage concerns straightened out, you will be able to sell your home even in its current condition.

Every Home Has A Story

We believe in presenting you with all the options available to help straighten out your problems with your home affairs.

Our team of real estate experts and property managers have assisted hundreds of distressed homeowners, and we’d like to bring our years of experience and expertise in Michigan real estate to the table and work for you.

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You Still Have Options!

Although your house may have recently gone up for auction at the Sheriff’s Sale, we can help you get it back. is a local company that helps individuals and families like yourself stay in your home or get you cash in hand.

With our partnership, we provide you an opportunity to own your home again with free financial coaching. If you prefer not to live in your home, we offer you financial security in as little as seven days since we have the resources that others don’t.

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