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Are you underwater or behind on the mortgage for your Clinton Township home?

We specialize in helping local homeowners in the Clinton Township area who may have fallen behind on their mortgages and are now facing the threat of foreclosure or sheriff sale.

Will Foreclosure Hurt Your Credit Score?

According to FICO, if your credit score is 680, a foreclosure will drop your credit score on average by 85 to 105 points. If your credit score is excellent at 780, a foreclosure will drop your score by 140 to 160 points.

Thankfully, with our services, we may be able to help you avoid foreclosure and the catastrophic consequences that a foreclosure will leave on your credit report. Our team of experts can help homeowners either stay in their homes with options like rent back or, we will pay the homeowner a fair cash offer for their house.

We’re Not a Real Estate Agent or Broker

Unlike other companies who may be coming to your door on a daily basis with offers to buyer home, Save Mi House isn’t a real estate agent or broker, we work with a team of local experts were committed to preserving homeownership in the Clinton Township area.

When you work with Save Mi House, you will be working with a team of experts that includes lenders, attorneys and financial coaches who will help you to either stay in your house with ongoing financial coaching or buyer home for cash with a fair cash offer.

Learn more about what those auctions are so they could stay in your home or to get a fair cash offer on your home so that you could sell it and move on with your life, contact Save Mi House today by calling us at (734) 437-5451 or connect with us through our website.

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