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Are you behind on the mortgage for your Dearborn Heights home or is your home possibly underwater and is worth less than what you owe on the mortgage?

Dearborn Heights Foreclosure

Our company helps local homeowners in Dearborn Heights stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure or sell their homes quickly for cash.

Unlike other investors in the area who may try to buy foreclosed homes online then rent those homes back to their former owners for high prices, our desire is to help local homeowners find the best solutions for their real estate needs so they can walk away with confidence knowing that they made the very best decision possible.

The Sheriff Sale is not the Only Option

Even though you may have received a notice on your front door or porch stating that your home is going to be sold at the sheriff sale, the good news is that the sheriff sale is not the only option.  as a Dearborn Heights area resident, you now have the ability to sell your home quickly for cash, for a fair price, or to stay in your home and pay a payment you can afford.

We take pride in helping local homeowners because we work with the very best team of advisors, attorneys, lenders and also other community experts to help local homeowners come out ahead making the very best decision that helps them to get back on track financially.


We are not a Real Estate Agent or Bank

Yes, it’s true that there are many real estate agents, brokers and also other wholesalers in the Dearborn Heights area who may be trying to get you to sell your home to them. Unfortunately, many of these companies are unethical and will offer you solutions which are not in your best interest.

When you work with Save Mi House, you can have confidence that our company is looking out for your best interests and we will offer you the best solutions possible for all of your real estate needs.

To learn more about the services that we can offer you contact us today by calling (734) 437-5451 or connect with us through our website.

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