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Eastpointe: The Gateway To Macomb County

A city on the southern edge of Macomb County, Michigan, Eastpointe has an area comprising some 5.1 square miles. At its southern border is Eight Mile Road (M-102), which serves as the boundary between Macomb and Wayne Counties.

Eastpointe was formerly known as East Detroit, and it shares its borders with Detroit and Harper Woods on the south, Warren on the west, Roseville on the north, and St. Clair Shores on the east.

Eastpointe has an estimated population of around 32,511 (in 2017). An official census in 2010 reports the city population to be around 32,442.

The Eastpointe Farmers' Market. Photo from the Macomb County official website.

Eastpointe, Michigan Fast Facts

  • Eastpointe, Michigan is part of Macomb County.
  • Population (2017 Estimate): 32,511
  • Total Area: 5.16 square miles (13.36 square kilometers)
  • Zip Code: 48021
  • Area Code: 586

Eastpointe Government Contact

23200 Gratiot Avenue
Eastpointe, MI 48021
Phone: (586) 445-3661
Fax: (586) 445-5191

About Eastpointe, MI

An excellent residential community with a wide variety of business and professional establishments, shopping areas, and recreation facilities, Eastpointe has neighborhoods of predominantly brick homes, mostly constructed within the last 30 to 40 years, yet well maintained.

With wide concrete residential streets, the city of Eastpointe is considered by many to be a wonderful place to live. It has a hardworking police and fire department, an excellent public library, a quality water system, churches of leading denominations, and a good number of schools, including many excellent parochial schools systems.

Eastpointe proudly boasts itself as the “Gateway to Macomb County”, and is conveniently located to downtown Detroit. Also in close proximity are the industrial and manufacturing areas in the cities of neighboring Warren and Sterling Heights.

Source: The City of Eastpointe

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