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Unlike some companies in the Garden City area who just want to get you out of your home so they can rehab and sell the house, our goal is to help you solve your real estate problem!

We specialize in helping local homeowners in the Garden City area who may have fallen behind on their mortgages and are now facing the threat of foreclosure or sheriff sale.

Don’t Choose Foreclosure

Even though your lender may be telling you that foreclosure is the only option, you can have confidence that you may be able to still continue living in your Garden City home for a fair monthly rent (rent back) or possibly sell your home for cash while walking away with some extra money in your pocket that will cover your relocation assistance needs.

As a homeowner, you may be thinking well what about a short sale? The answer is even though short sale is the most commonly referred to option other than foreclosure, it’s still not the best option for homeowners because, the average homeowner who chooses short sale versus foreclosure can expect to wait up to four years or longer until their credit is considered to be worthy and they could purchase a home again

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