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There's no doubt that Grosse Pointe Michigan was once one of the top housing markets in the United States, especially at the height of the power of General Motors in the Detroit area from the 1960s through the 1980s.

The state of the local real estate market is easy to see in this area thanks to the wide variety of homes that have a foreclosure or short sale signs in the front yards. Sadly, many homeowners who fall behind on their mortgages and are facing foreclosure or short sale don’t know that they have any other options besides choices which will damage their credit scores for years.

Save Mi House Has the Best Real Estate Solutions

Thankfully,  when local homeowners choose Save Mi House,  they can count on the best real estate solution for their current housing problem. This means that the homeowner will not have to default to short sale or foreclosure to get out from a home where they are underwater or behind on their mortgage.

The team at Save Mi House can help local Grosse Pointe Michigan homeowners save their homes or we will pay homeowners fair cash offers without them having to choose short sale or foreclosure.

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