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Is your Inkster home in danger of being foreclosed on? We're here for you! Allow Us to Help!


Even though foreclosure and or short sell are the two most common options mentioned by lenders. The good news is that regardless if you are behind on your mortgage or living in an underwater home, we can help you to stay in your house, or sell your home for cash, and move on without having to make a fatal financial decision which could end up wreaking havoc on your credit report.

About Save Mi House

Located in the Inkster area, Save Mi House specializes in helping homeowners who found out that they are living in underwater homes or are behind on their mortgages. Our company works with a team of banks, community organizations, attorneys and real estate experts to help local homeowners stay in their homes and receive free financial coaching so they won’t fall behind on their mortgage again.

Besides helping the homeowner stay in their homes, we can also help you if you just want to sell your home and move on. Once our company does an evaluation of your property, we can assure you that you will be able to sell your house for a fair cash price.

We strive to do our best, we are a real company that offers real solutions for today’s real estate problems.

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