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Are you Behind on your mortgage for your Romulus Home?


Is Now the Best Time to Sell your Romulus Home?

Our company helps local homeowners in Romulus stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure or sell their homes quickly for cash.

If you are living in the underwater home or are behind on your mortgage, you may be wondering if now is the best time to sell your house especially since interest rates are increasing. The good news is that the answer to your question is yes, now is an excellent time to sell your house and move on with your life without having to continue to live in a home that has an underwater mortgage or a payment which cannot afford.

How Long Does the Process Take?

It doesn’t matter if you are planning on staying in your home or if you want to sell your house to us, we focus on helping you and have a plan to resolve your situation within 30 days or less.

In this day in age, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to fall behind on their mortgages for a wide variety of reasons but the good news is that when you choose to work with Save Mi House,  you can count on us to provide you with non-judgmental solutions so you can make the best decision possible for all of your real estate needs.

To get started with saving your house or moving on from your home contact us today by calling (734) 437-5451 or connect with us through our website.

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