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Are you behind on your mortgage for your Roseville Home?


Over the years we’ve helped many homeowners sell their homes for what they’re worth regardless of their situations and we’ve also helped many people stay in their homes as well too even though they may have been far behind on their mortgages or facing a Sheriff sale. Our goal is to do the same thing for Roseville.

Unlike other companies in the area who are comprised of real estate agents and brokers, our company is comprised of attorneys, community organizations and investors who only have the number one goal in mind of being able to help local homeowners stay in their homes or sell them for the best prices possible.

Don’t Fall for Local Scammers

One of the sad things about the local real estate market in Roseville since the 2008 economic recession is that many companies have relied upon scam tactics to fool local homeowners into selling their homes to them.

One of the most common tactics that some investors or brokers in the area will use is telling a homeowner that they can only help five other people in the area.

Thankfully, at Save Mi house, we believe in honesty and transparency. This is why we only seek to tell the homeowner the facts about how we can help them with their current situation without trying to sell them on a solution that’s not the best fit for them.

To learn more about how you can either stay in your home or sell it for a fair cash offer, contact us today by calling  (734) 437-5451 or connect with us through our website.

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