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Allow Us To Help You understands that each situation presents unique challenges and this is why we take a holistic, comprehensive, and custom approach to each client that we advise. Some of the many services we can offer you include the following:


You can count on us to be there to assist you with solutions especially if your home is in probate or a trust.

After helping you to save your house, we can assist you in taking next steps to rebuilding your credit and reestablishing a great credit score.

We will pay you up to $100,000 depending on the house to move out of your home.

Our company will offer a fair market price for your home as an option to avoid foreclosure or short sale.

The team will help you to modify your home loan towards lower, more affordable installments so you can continue living in your home.

If you want to refinance your mortgage loan, we will assist you with refinancing that loan.

Let’s say that you’re close to foreclosure, we can assist you with selling your home fast before it sells at the public auction.

Don’t have enough equity in your home to sell it? We can help you pay off your mortgages and cover the cost of selling by opting for a short sale.
If you’re underwater or behind on your mortgage please know that your situation may be different than what your friends or family members may have gone through with their homes. The good news is that we offer a good number of solutions which will help you to either stay in your home or ultimately cash out.

Let’s say that we’re able to keep you in your home, this won’t be the end of our helping you. You can count on the team to provide you with the necessary training and consulting so you’re more financially capable, and not end up behind on your mortgage payments or living in an underwater home again.

Besides all of the services mentioned above, you can also count on us to assist you if you need alternative housing or housing placement.

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