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A Southfield foreclosure can be the result of losing a job, medical problems that keep you from working, too many debts or a divorce.

Are Foreclosures the Only Option?

A short sale occurs when a mortgage lender allows an owner to sell their property for less than what’s owed on the mortgage. … By contrast, a mortgage lender conducting a foreclosure will repossess the mortgaged property in the collection for unpaid debts. This results in more fees and liability to the owner than in a short sale.

Should you choose short sale or foreclosure? The good news is that you don’t have to choose one or the other, you can sell your home for cash or stay in your home with the services or Save Mi House.

Although short sale and foreclosure are commonly the only two options that most lenders will consider, the good news that you can still stay in your home or you can sell your home for cash without having to choose one or the other financial options which could damage your credit for up to 10 years or longer.

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