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Are you thinking about selling your Westland Home but don’t know if you should sell it with a Realtor or sell your house for all cash?


At Save Mi House we will pay you a fair cash offer for your home (up to $100K) so you can move on with your life, or to your next home, without having to potentially waste time selling your home with an agent.

We Also Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

A Westland foreclosure remains on your credit report seven years, so it will have a long-term effect on our creditworthiness. But, because negative information is deleted eventually, you can rebuild your creditworthiness if you take control of your debts and build a history of positive payments that will continue to appear after the foreclosure disappears.

We can help you to avoid foreclosure and stay in your home, or sell your house for a fair cash price! Our team of experts is comprised of attorneys, lenders and local community organizations who are committed to helping homeowners in the Westland area stay in their homes or sell them without having to consider foreclosure.

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